Proteins At Liquid Interfaces Volume 7 Studies In Interface Science -

soy proteins a review on composition aggregation and - 7s globulin consists of three subunits ca 67 kda ca 71 kda and ca 50 kda 11s globulin is a hexamer and is made up of five different subunits each of which consists of an acidic subunit a acidic pi with a molecular mass about 35 kda and a basic subunit b basic pi of molecular mass about 20 kda linked by a disulfide bond, water structure science references 701 800 - water references 701 800 j yang s meng l f xu and e g wang ice tesselation on a hydroxylated silica surface physical review letters 92 2004 146102 b, microneedles for drug and vaccine delivery sciencedirect - 1 introduction most biotherapeutics and vaccines are injected using a hypodermic needle injection provides a low cost rapid and direct way to deliver almost any type of molecule into the body